How we work

Many believe that a launch at Systembolaget is the last step of some successful business management. We know better! We see the newly launched product as the first step in a long-term business relationship.

When a new product is launched it enters a highly competitive segment where new competing products are introduced four times every year. The hardest part is to keep the product for many years and never stop brand building. It’s at this early point that our work and expertise starts for real.

We know branding and are experts in creating a brand from zero, with no brand recognition, to a popular brand.

Vinia works very closely with the purchasers at the monopoly. One key to success is to constant study and analyze the market and consumer needs; these insights are afterwards transformed into our proposals to Systembolaget.

Hampus Landelius, Executive Assistant/Marketing Director

Hampus Landelius, Executive Assistant/Marketing Director

We have in-house expertise in marketing and business analyses, and we also cooperate with some of the sharpest advertising agencies in Sweden. Branding expertise is critical on this market, and we have many successful launches with both our own and created brands.

Carefully selected producers

Vinia has deliberately chosen to work with a few high-quality producers rather than to cover all the wine regions and every wine producing country in the world. The selection is made by Vinia, focusing on producers who have the flexibility and potential to bloom and grow based on the conditions on the Swedish market.

Once a producer has obtained a listing at Systembolaget, Vinia works hard to expand vertically and launch several products from the same producer. This expansion can be done by introducing and presenting new offers to the Systembolaget; our market knowledge is crucial for this work. Today we have many fixed listings from the same producers on the Swedish market.

We believe in expertise in every part of our business, and we continually aim to improve all aspects of what we do and continuously evaluate our performance and conduct.

It was not long after the start of Vinia that we won our first fixed launch, with a great Malbec wine from Domaine Bousquet. Today, ten years later, we have several fixed listings from Domaine Bousquet and the Malbec is still in the market and doing well with high brand recognition.

We have several fixed listings from Domaine Bousquet

We have several fixed listings from Domaine Bousquet

Today we sell to Systembolaget, Horeca and duty-free, we focus our efforts towards the Swedish market

As a part of our portfolio, we guarantee that your wines will get the best possible exposure to the Swedish market. As a young and modern wine importer, we focus heavily on added-value through social media and we have the latest tools and knowledge to manage this successfully. We also have extensive market intelligence tools that give us advantages towards our competitors.

We offer

  • Branding expertise
  • Market insight and expertise in taking care of your brands
  • Honest and profitable business with no hidden numbers
  • Long-term relationship building, both B2B and for your brands
  • Always knowledgeable and adaptable to this ever changing market.

With Vinia a handshake still means something!

AAA Rated

AAA – Rating
With a healthy financial situation, business know-how and experience we are a stable partner on the Swedish market.